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The Lucid Dream

Sri Sai Prasanthi School decided to buy rural land to build a school to accommodate unprivileged children in the surrounding villages of Puttaparthi.

Our mission is to create an environment and give free education,food and books to these children and their families.

The land was purchased in 2009 with the grace of donors from overseas and also found water and made a compound fence to secure the area.

The start of our dream for humanity.





When the donations came in from many loving people from all over the world we started our first step.

We built 3 classrooms, two toilets for 70 children and three teachers, our first step.

With this step we fulfilled all the Govt requirement and started to move slowly.

Over the next year we found that we needed to build more classrooms because more children were coming.



With the need of a larger school and the hearts of donors we designed a self sustainable building through a Bangalore architect to draw up plans to accommodate 250 children.

Our main goal was to make it Eco- sustainability and the building had to have space.

It took us two years to raise the funds and in 2011 the ground was broken for the new 10,000sq foot building, then it took one and half years to build and complete it.

We moved in 2012 November with 120 children with extra room and four more classrooms.

In the same year we renovated the existing three rooms and converted them into office, storeroom and reception space.


Its been a fast process for our mission. We realized that there were more children and parents that needed our services.

The start of 2014 we increased the children to 150 and this year 2015 we have 220.
Our classes go from UKG to 7 Grade.

The existing rooms from 2009 we had to turn into class rooms to create more space.



As the growth continues with more children each year we are focusing on building 4 more rooms on top of the building and also top of the administration building to have future classes up to year 10.

This is a major step for us and we will decided next year if this is possible.

We need more funds to come in and support this adventure. Year 8-9-10 are very expensive to run.



Government Gift

The Government has given us 1.5 acres adjoining the school grounds. With this land we would like to have a plantation with the Moringa Tree ( miracle tree) and sell the powder and help to provide income for the school.

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