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The new school was designed and built to be totally eco self-sustainable, which means that we made all the compressed stabilized blocks.

After testing the soil, we used earth, sand and 5% cement and compressed them in a special machine that makes 5 different sized bricks.

As the foundation was laid we used organic insecticide so that we would never have a termite or insect problem.




The solar water purifier that we had custom made, takes the bore well water and purifies all the fluoride, bacteria and virus out of it. We only use it for drinking water and kitchen water for cooking.

It produces 1000 to 1500 liters a day of pure water. There is a very high concentration of fluorite in the water in this area which forms brittle bones.

This machine is dual use which gives preference to solar power and a backup will automatically run off the power grid if there is no sun light.






 The school was designed so all the roof water from the rain is harvested.

This harvested water goes through pipes and it is clean through sand filters and then enters the 35,000 liter tank which is under the kitchen floor. This is used for toilets, washing and gardening.







 Water after going through the filtering system comes in and goes through pebbles and plant matter. It is stored in this big pond. With this system the water is clean, not for drinking but for watering the organic garden that will grow vegetables for feeding the children.










Since we put in the water filter the children are drinking more water each day.

So wonderful to have good water for their health.












Introduced solar hot water system to serve the kitchen needs.














"Love my filter water, Tastes so good".

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