Running Cost

Project Name:  Sri Sai Prashanthi School


Present Situation:

175 Students

Classes from I to VII.

Age Group 6 to 12.


Providing the cost of a free school & environment for the children.

Cost of one Child per Year are follows:

In RS:

Per Month: Rs 1,500

Per Year: 1,500 X 12 = Rs 18,000

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In US:

Per Month: 25 US

Per Year: 25 US x 12 = 300 US

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This includes: Education, food, clothing, and transport & Extra Curricular Activities.


Building & School Maintenance cost per year: USD 10,000


Gaia Star (Coordinator & Fund raiser of Sri Sai Prashanthi School)

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Mob: +91 9652457912

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