From the moment a child learns to walk properly, he/she tries to dance every time there is music on and sometimes even without it. We understand how essential dancing is to a school’s curriculum. Hence, we introduced this extra-curricular activity in our school since its inception.

Our dance teacher is Master Sushant Dey,thrice every week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) he comes to teach these students cultural dance. Whenever there is an event or some kind of celebration, our scholars perform dances taught by the Master. We know there are many types of dancing in India, but we focus on _________.

Why is dancing good for kids? - Benefits

First of all, dance is as important for children learning any other subject. Dancing is remarkable for children as it aids in restoring stability and joy among people. Also, it eases tension in the individual through movement. 

Through dances, our pupils learn about improving social relationships which helps them later in their life. It also helps them to understand their culture more vividly. Moreover, it is quite similar to physical exercise that aids in increasing their body strength, stamina and balance which are essential for all kids.


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Why is dancing necessary for school curriculum?

Dance teaches them to respect each other, show compassion and collaborate with others to work as a team. Also, there are people who have gained fame and success in life through dancing. Hence, through dancing, we are empowering these students to do something more with their lives.

It is aforementioned that dancing in a group improves the chance of people learning about collaboration and more. Through dancing, we make them quite understand certain essential aspects of life such as teamwork which becomes quite important if a person wants to succeed in their career.

Dancing is referred to as a form of expression through which any scholar can communicate better. Many times it has been observed that dancing helped a disciple to come out of their shy self and express themselves in detail. It aids our students to express their freedom and become social which is crucial for one to be successful in lives.

These are the reasons we have incorporated dancing in our curriculum. Through these, we aid in making our scholars better and future-ready for their upcoming lives.