We encourage all of our children to take part in Taekwondo. It is a form of Korean martial arts which is similar to Karate. Taekwondo is a self-defense technique. This form of martial arts emphasizes on jumping, head high kicks, spinning kicks along with several techniques for fast kicking.

We have introduced this program for each girl and boy. It is taught to them thrice a week by their master GiriVignesh who hails from Bangalore. Children enjoy this activity and also, it offers them a number of benefits.

How children benefit from Taekwondo?

This is a complete learning process including several activity. Each lesson is tailored according to the age group a child belongs and his/her skill level. Basic training includes practicing stance and patterns, kicking, board breaking, striking, punching, and blocking attacks.

All these skill set increased our students’ flexibility, physical coordination, mental acumen, and balance. Moreover, it helps in developing a kid’s self-awareness and athletic ability. These are just some of the benefits which a child can enjoy by taking part in taekwondo.

Also, a physically fit student will be able to concentrate more on task at hands that will lead them to be more efficient at their work and studies. Moreover, learning taekwondo is a good way to learn about self-defense which might come in handy someday in their lives.

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How are we helping children with this activity?

This activity emphasizes moral development apart from what is said above. Our scholars learn to respect others and themselves, improve self-discipline, self-restraint, and heightens concentration.

Self-discipline which is developed through practicing this martial arts' form usually helps a child's life in various areas. Academic grades improve as one learns to concentrate and learns about achievement through hard work. Also, it assists in overcoming peer pressure by providing a remarkable mindset.

So many amazing features and perks taekwondo have; hence, we had to introduce this activity in our school. Also, it seems that our pupils enjoy this a lot, so we were bound to provide this extra-curricular activity in our school.