One of the most interesting and exciting extra-curricular activities for our childrenis swimming. They enjoy it thoroughly every Saturday when we take them for a swim. Thanks to our Volley Ball and Swimming coach Jesse as he let us use his private pool for this activity. We believe that through swimming an individual can learn to conquer fears and is quite handy in numerous situations.

Why swimming is necessary for kids?

Drowning happens to be a major cause of death, especially for children. Hence, it is absolutely crucial that kids know how to swim adequately. Water is all around us, so one might not know when swimming skill might come in handy. Also, learning to swim is the easiest way to make a child comfortable around water bodies and keep them safe. One doesn't need to take part in competitions but knowing how to survive in water is necessary for everyone.

Hence, we promote this activity so that students learn to swim properly at an early age, overcome their fear from water and avoid any accidents in future.


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How it aids in improving?

When a child learns to swim and enjoy it thoroughly, one might take up additional activities like taking part in competitions and more. We encourage such ideas with the hope that they might have a successful career in this field.

Apart from it, they learn positive aspects such as working towards one’s goal, good sportsmanship, healthy competitiveness, and more. Moreover, they learn to look at the positive outlook of life instead of negative aspects. All this assists our students to become a better version of themselves.

Not just their health is developed through swimming, but their mind and characteristics as well. Having a healthy body aids a child to carry on with their studies and do well in their academics without much issue.

What we have found through their swimming classes they have improved with their confidence.

This is why we introduced this activity. Through this, we will make our student ready for the world which they will step in the future.