What we Provide

The Children receive each week the following apart from Education:
-Milk every day with protein powder and biscuits from our cow Betsie.
-A verity of lunches every day, with our organic vegetables grown at the school.
-One egg each week.
-Afternoon snacks including fruit.
- We provide filtered water as well
Check out our activity page as well.
Extras we provide yearly:
Every second year we check the children’s eyes and blood.
Also a dentist comes and look at their teeth yearly.



Mother Cow and Calf

Our new addition to the School
Last week we were graced with a new calf from Mother Betsie.
Betsie supply milk for the children every day (15lts) .
Our friend Sheena in England has gifted support to look after this calf for her granddaughter Bella who is 5 years old. This is her birthday present. Bella has named the new arrival Milky Moo

A Little Friend

Our new school dog Bruno reminds us to develop and enjoy the qualities of loyalty, playfulness, loving kindness & friendliness.


I like to introduce you to our friend Renate. She is Austrian and has been living in India for many years.

She has been part of the school for over a year now serving as an Earth Mother.
All her efforts goes into the garden and food ideas.

Renate is a very creative person and comes up all different ways to grow and implement them back into the school.

Her latest project is introducing the Moringa tree known as the Drumstick tree. She has planted 30 trees and started to get a harvest from them. This goes into cooking to give the children more strength in theirs bodies.

In the future she would like to grow more and help the children learn about business and sell it to the world. All the money made will come back to the school and help these children in education.

A big thank you from all of us.


Republic Day Celebration

The students and the staffs have celebrated 69th Indian Republic Day. Our School Head Master did the flag hoisting. All the students sang the Indian National Anthem and National Song. The teachers also gave some speech about the day. Then chocolates are distributed among the students. It was a very nice and pleasant day for the students.


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